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Heroes Series

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WOERMANN COASTAL - B STORES : 500ML FRESH MILK - N$ 13.99 [04 - 18 april'24]
SPAR: 1L FRESH MILK N$ 18.99 [08 - 22 april'24]
PICK N PAY: 1L FRESH MILK - N$ 21.99 [08 - 14 april'24]
OK FOODS - EXPRESS: 1L FRESH MILK N$ 19.99 [19 apr - 05 may'24]

The Nammilk Heroes Series is a thrilling celebration of Namibians who embody the incredible attributes of creativity, resilience, fire, tenacity, patience, curiosity, and wonder. These amazing individuals have faced and conquered adversity, showing us all what it takes to be a true hero in our own lives. Get ready to be inspired, as we take you on an exhilarating journey through the lives of these incredible individuals.