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WOERMANN COASTAL - B STORES : 500ML FRESH MILK - N$ 13.99 [04 - 18 april'24]
SPAR: 1L FRESH MILK N$ 18.99 [08 - 22 april'24]
PICK N PAY: 1L FRESH MILK - N$ 21.99 [08 - 14 april'24]
OK FOODS - EXPRESS: 1L FRESH MILK N$ 19.99 [19 apr - 05 may'24]

About Us

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We are a proud member of the Namibia Dairies family

From our state-of-the-art !Aimab Superfarm to the manufacturing plant in Avis, our commitment to consistently producing the purest milk extends to all our approved Namibian milk producers, who all produce to the stringent national rBST hormone and GMO-free regulations. Each Nammilk product undergoes extensive quality checks to ensure that the range consistently meets the highest quality standards, all without altering the natural goodness of our milk.

We are in the process of migrating our quality assurance system from the ISO 9001:2015 certification, to FSSC22000 (Food Safety System Certification), the internationally recognized quality management system that warrants even greater continuous focus and improvement.

At Nammilk, we believe that what’s inside truly matters

We’re all about that feeling of Home. The joys of family - and the challenges. The hopes and dreams of children - and parents too. For 25 years we’ve been nourishing families and their potential with the pure goodness of our milk.

Family drinking milk
From Namibian dairy farms to your table

At Nammilk we believe that the freshest and tastiest milk comes from healthy cows and is just as nature intended. The dairy cows at the !Aimab Superfarm are fed only high-quality fodder, while specialized teams keep the cow houses clean, cool, and comfortable, vital to keep the cows healthy and calm to warrant the pure goodness of our milk.

Temperature-regulated trucks ensure that the milk is kept as fresh as possible, from the farms to the factory in Windhoek, where we test some 37 000 liters of milk per day for its quality and freshness before it is processed. Each Nammilk product undergoes additional extensive quality checks to ensure that we supply only the most pure, natural, and great tasting milk and cream to you and your family.

Man feeding cows and the Super Farm