16 October 2023: What would life be like without food? There wouldn’t be life at all, frankly speaking, and this prompts the importance of World Food Day. It is a sad reality that one in nine people around the world experience persistent hunger. World Food Day, celebrated annually on 16 October, is a day which calls us to focus on the plight of food poverty, and in the same vein, honour the advancements in food processes, systems and programmes.

Let’s put World Food Day, as it stands today, into context: Worldwide, more than 95% of food is produced on land and this is where the inception of the Pure Goodness of our flagship pure milk begins – right in the earth. !Aimab Superfarm is the start and Nammilk is the final product that you get to love and enjoy every day with your family. Nammilk is the purest milk on the market – nothing added, nothing taken away, and no artificial hormones; a huge feat in the advancement of food and drink production in preserving its transformative power.

The It’s What’s Inside campaign is special because it, in part, focuses on what’s inside our milk and it starts with the high agricultural standards to which we adhere to produce our Pure Goodness. We emphasize the intrinsic goodness of Nammilk and why it is the best and most natural choice. The campaign brings out what’s inside our milk – calcium, vitamins, protein, and minerals, essential building blocks of health – and how they help to bring out the potential inside us all: our people, businesses and families. For 25 years, we’ve been nourishing families and their potential with the pure goodness of our milk.

Celebrating World Food Day reminds us of how our Pure Goodness starts – with our well-known !Aimab Superfarm – our centre of agricultural excellence holding its own in line with industry best standards with a historic 16% herd growth back in April 2023 from the average of 8 – 12%, that produces the pure goodness we all love and enjoy every day.

Happy World Food Day, Pure Goodness lovers!