With its nutritional value, Nammilk is redefining the category of milk as a dairy staple in Namibia and beyond. Authentic to its purity promise, Nammilk is disrupting the status quo that maintains milk is just milk and fails to see its transformative power. Core to us is our children and powering their greatest potential.

Africa’s youth has been poised as the key to the continent’s economic growth and development and Nammilk aims to support this by unlocking the potential of the youth. Africans will comprise 42% of the world’s youth by 2030 and Nammilk’s It’s What’s Inside campaign is reimagining how we’re nourishing that young talent.

Celebrated annually on 25 May 2023, Africa Day was historically conceptualized to acknowledge the achievements, diversity and potential of Africa. As Nammilk, we’re proud of the bold stand we took to nourish children and see them contribute to the bright future of Africa, the youngest continent in the world. Africa Day is a day for us to remember how far we’ve come, and get excited about what lies ahead as we power the dynamism of children and unlock their talent and opportunities.

On this Africa Day, Nammilk celebrates the exciting future of the continent!