On a sunny Friday morning in autumn, the 14th of April 2023 to be specific, the people “inside” Nammilk took a group of the finest Namibian journalists from selected media houses – print, digital, TV and radio – on an adventurous road trip to our world-class !Aimab Superfarm close to Mariental, in the South of Namibia. Dubbed the “Superfarm IWI Media Tour”, the mystery to uncover the purity in every drop of our locally produced Nammilk started on the Luxury Charter that carried the delegation towards Mariental. This began to probe their curiosity and the natural inclination to fill the gaps as quickly as possible, and interestingly, as competitive as possible. Quiet excitement sparked through the air, as they got on their way to the biggest dairy farm in Namibia. What they thought would just be an educational trip, became an adventure and a quest to find the goodness inside our purity inspired Nammilk.

The stage was set and the value chain that produces purity was on full display as soon as the delegation walked towards the inviting gates of !Aimab Superfarm. As each person stepped into the shoe bath to disinfect their shoes, they got an early glimpse of how unwavering Nammilk is in its purity promise. Being the purest milk on the market is no small feat, and it takes a dedicated army of people “inside” Namibia Dairies.  Neck deep in the ‘It’s What’s Inside’ campaign, currently in its second phase, Nammilk’s white milk portfolio and it’s no artificial hormones promise, has been steadfast in its promise of unleashing the pure potential in children across the nation and beyond.  Its purity is communicated across communication channels and therefore the media got an “inside” look into “What’s Inside”.  What’s inside our cows, what’s inside our operations, what’s inside our people, what’s inside our business, and also, what’s inside the Nammilk brand to produce the quintessential purity that you get to enjoy every day with your family.

At every media touchpoint during the visit, we showcased just how serious Nammilk is about purity throughout. From visitors having to take a “shoe bath” upon arrival to minimize the risk of contaminants being brought in, to optimizing all feed for the dairy ladies to the highest standards, to keeping the cows cool before and during milking on the state-of-the art milking table, to how the littlest members, the calves, are cared for in specially-built and dedicated calf houses – our absolute focus on purity and quality is what sets Nammilk apart.

!Aimab Superfarm is as revolutionary as it gets: it is not just about the milk although Nammilk is our pride and joy.  We also focused on sharing some necessary but not-so-well-known facts about the farm.  When it comes to herd health and genetics, the !Aimab Superfarm holds its own, in line with industry best-standards as one of the top dairy farms in Southern Africa. The Superfarm produces 31,500 liters of the purest milk, free of artificial hormones, every single day. The milk is tanked to the manufacturing and processing plant in Windhoek, where it undergoes pasteurization and filling under the strictest quality controls and standards, to be used in producing the purest milk on the market, all within 48 hours. Yes! Only 48 hours to deliver the unmatched purity that is Nammilk into your Nammilk container of choice and to your home, nothing added, nothing taken away, just pure goodness.

The end of a full and very successful day can surely be summed up in the following sentiment: “What an eyeopener on just what it takes to produce the pure goodness of Nammilk – and just what sets it apart.”

Nammilk – pure goodness.

Nammilk - Media Journalists Visit