Blindfold Competition Winners

On July 11, 2023, we ignited excitement within our internal sales merchandizing teams by hosting another session of our infamous, Blindfolded Milk Tasting competition at our headquarters in Prosperita, Windhoek. A total of 39 dedicated individuals participated in this engaging event, showcasing their skills and passion for our Brand.

We're thrilled to announce Rodney Van Der Westhuizen as the purest champion of the day, who interestingly won on the birthday eve of his daughter. Rodney's exceptional tastebuds earned him a well-deserved prize of N$500 on the spot!

This initiative was designed to foster teamwork, camaraderie, and a sense of ownership among our internal teams. By recognizing and celebrating the talents of our Sales Merchandizers, we strengthened our brand equity and engagement, ensuring that every member of our team is an ambassador for the superior taste difference of Nammilk.

Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to engage with Nammilk and win big. Congratulations to Rodney and all participants.

Nammilk – Pure Goodness.