Blindfold Competition Winner announcement

On August 4, 2023, we proudly engaged our internal teams at the executive and group-wide level in a special initiative – Blindfolded Milk Tasting competition. A total of 18 participants from our top O & L executive team and O&L Centre joined in the fun engagement.

We're excited to announce Theresa Weitz, Group Chief Financial Officer at O&L Centre, as the fifth purest champion. Theresa's impeccable tastebuds that proudly differentiated Nammilk from the rest, earned her a well-deserved prize of N$500.

This initiative underscores our commitment to ensuring that every member of our organization is deeply engaged with Nammilk. By involving our executive team and O&L Centre in this initiative, we reinforce our collective ownership of Nammilk and the core values it stands on.

Stay tuned as we bring the blindfolded milk tasting revolution near you. Congratulations to Theresa and all participants.

Nammilk – Pure Goodness.