Surprise Blindfold Competition Winner

On July 26, 2023, we celebrated a successful Blindfolded Milk Tasting session with BrandX and O & L Centre, our creative agency partner, who learnt from the inside out the superior taste difference of Nammilk. A total of 36 enthusiastists participants came together to battle it out.

Although the BrandX team were competitive and performed extremely well, it was Vicky Ileka, Senior Accountant: Consolidations & Reporting at O&L Centre who came out on top! Vicky's exceptional tastebuds earned her a well-deserved prize of N$500 and the title of the fourth purest champion.

We look forward to more successful collaborations and opportunities for our teams to engage with Nammilk. Congratulations to Vicky and all the other pure-loving participants!

Nammilk – Pure Goodness.